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・From Nagoya International Airport to Inuyama station

Trains run regularly from the airport to Inuyama. Buy your ticket to "Inuyama". It should cost 1310yen. We recommend that you catch the rapid limited express train that leaves once every hour and takes 58 minutes to reach Inuyama. On this train you can pay an additional 350yen for a reserved seat (myu ticket), which is especially good when you have arrived tired with luggage, or at a busy time when you might be forced to stand for the entire trip. Moreover, all the train stops on this train are announced in English. The platform information is in English - look for the sign. Make sure you get off at Inuyama station (not Inuyama-yuen or Inuyama-guchi).

・From Nagoya Station to Inuyama station

Follow the signs to Meitetsu Nagoya station and buy a 560yen ticket from the machine. Go to platform 1. In addition to televisions that show the coming trains (trains to Inuyama are always boxed in green), there are colour-coded signs above the track. Find the green one that says Inuyama and line up in front of it. When the light on this sign flashes, the next train is going to Inuyama. Please note that there are also reserved seat trains (greek symbol m is on the train) that require you pay a surcharge.

・From Inuyama Station

If someone will pick you up at the train station, make sure to mention in which exit you will be waiting (PRI is on the east exit side). If being met is not possible, you can catch a taxi across the road from the station's east exit (in the direction of the large green 7-11 sign on the tallest building to your left) and show them the Institute's name in kanji (see below). Try to avoid saying "monkey" since they will think you want to go to the nearby Japan Monkey Park. Instead you can say "Kyoto Daigaku" which means Kyoto university. The taxi fare is about 800yen for a 5 minute ride. Otherwise, it is a 15-20 minute walk to the Institute from the train station and not recommended for your first visit.

・Train Schedule

For Train schedules in English, visit the following website and enter your travel details:

Address: 41-2 Kanrin, Inuyama, Aichi, Japan, 484-8506

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