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Graduate School

The International Course in Primatology and Wildlife Research (PW) is a graduate program that focuses on the study of non-human primates and other wild animals, providing a door for international students to enter Kyoto University.  EHUB carries five courses under this program and the Center for International Collaboration and Advanced Studies in Primatology (CICASP) at EHUB provides a platform for this educational program. Click "CICASP" for details.  ​​

In April 2025, a new course will be launched and the names will be changed. We will be accepting applications for the entrance exam in August 2024, under the new course structure.
​The education and researches remains unchanged from the previous name.

Evolutionary Biomechanics course

To understand the physical basis and their evolutionary process of human behaviors such as upright bipedal locomotion and spoken language, we adopt various techniques in our studies. 

This course will be launched in Apr. 2025.


Systems Neuroscience cource

We aims to elucidate the mechanisms underlying higher brain functions, such as motor control and cognitive behavior.


Experimental Animal Science course 

We conduct multidisciplinary primate research of medicine and welfare. The Center of Human Evolution Modeling Research is also responsible for breeding and raising, health control, and animal welfare for all primate species in EHUB.

currently, "Primate Medicine and Welfare"


courses before April 2024

These courses are for the existing students entering before April 2024.

Ecology and Social Behavior

Intelligence and Language

Cognition and Learning

Infectious Diseases


​Cognitive Neuroscience course 

To understand the neural basis of cognitive functions such as perception, memory, emotion and communication, we adopt various techniques in our studies.


Cellular and Molecular Biology course

We investigate genomes, genes, proteins, and cells to understand the evolution of all primates, including humans. 


other courses in PW

Phylogeny and Systematics 

Wildlife Science

Animal Conservation and Welfare Science

Ecological Science III (Primates) 


Don't hesitate to contact faculty members about education and researches!

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