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NBRP "Nihonzaru (Japanese monkeys)"

Supported by MEXT, the National Bioresource Project (NBRP) was launched in 2002, to collect, develop, and provide essential bio-resources for various life science researches. EHUB has promoted NBRP “Nihonzaru (Japanese monkeys)”, one of the NBRP Core Facility Upgrading Programs.

Laboratory Animal Guideline 

All animal experiments carried in EHUB are performed strictly in accordance with Guideline for Care and Use of Nonhuman Primates (3rd ed., Primate Research Institute of Kyoto University), and they must be reviewed and permitted by Animal Experimental Committee, in advance.

Laboratory Primates

Under construction

Digital Morphology Museum, DMM

The EHUB collection of computed tomography scans (PRICT). The Digital Morphology Museum (DMM) is temporarily closed due to security issues. Reopening has not yet been determined. The list of CT scans registered are released in the PrINTEG.

Primate Genome Database

Primate Genome Database provides integrated data about the physiology, behavior, and personalities of 14 chimpanzees with their genome data. 


MacaquePose is an open dataset containing pictures of macaque monkeys with manually labeled annotations. The dataset can be downloaded from the link below. Check “readme.txt” in the downloaded file for the use of the dataset. See also Labuguen et al., 2020 for the detail of the dataset.

archives: Research Topics

Archives of published documents of Research Topics

archives: PRI website

Primate Research Institute (PRI) was founded on 1st June 1967 and closed on 31st March 2022. The latest version of PRI website is archived here (but we don't guarantee all contents are operating properly)

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