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​Cooperative Research Program, CRP

The Center for the Evolutionary Origins of Human Behavior has launched the Cooperative Research Program for developing the multi-disciplinary researches through experimental research on non-human primates.

We creates and provides high-quality resources to support experimental research on non-human primates in Japan, and as the core institution of the NBRP "Japanese Monkeys," it breeds 1,200 monkeys of seven species, including Japanese macaques that are bred in consideration of their natural condition. In addition, the EHUB houses more than 15,000 skeletal specimens, 6,000 molecular biological samples, and other materials used in various research fields. The EHUB is equipped with large-scale research equipment such as CT, MRI, and next-generation sequencers, forming an international and interdisciplinary center of education and research for the study of behavioral evolution in primates.

We are promoting this program to share these high-quality research resources and equipment, for developing collaboration with researchers from Japan and abroad.

FY 2024 (Apr. 2024 to Mar. 2025)

 The EHUB is recruiting researchers with the aim of elucidating the evolution of human behavior through experimental studies of non-human primates. 

To conduct the Cooperative Research at EHUB

 We have two categories of research projects.  


 General Research 

Applications are accepted once a year (there is a deadline for applications).

With the aim of developing comprehensive efforts to elucidate human evolution through experimental studies of primates, "General Research" based on the free initiative of the applicant can be conducted with the support of the EHUB’s prospective host (corresponding) researchers. 

  • The recruitment period has been decided.

  • Research expenses are in part covered. 

  • Applicants can use the EHUB’s resources , facilities, and equipment and should conduct their experiments and observation at EHUB. 

  • Research requiring only new allocation or use of laboratory primates will be accepted if you have other research funds which are available to conduct the research in collaboration with the EHUB's prospective host (corresponding) researchers. 


​After adoption, another application may be required.

Screening will be done by the Cooperative Research Advisory Committee. We will contact successful applicants after decisions are made by the Center Management Committee. 

To conduct an animal experiment, the applicant must submit a "Kyoto University Animal Experiment Plan" to the EHUB's Animal Experiment Committee for review and approval. 

If you wish to use the collections curated at EHUB and samples provided from breeding populations at EHUB, your application will be screened by the EHUB’s Material Committee about the availability of the research materials. 

If the application is not approved, your research plan cannot be conducted even if it has been approved as the Cooperative Research Program. 


 Resource Use 

You can apply at any time (there is no deadline for applications).

Research can be conducted using research materials and samples collected from laboratory primates held by the EHUB. Other books and other reference materials are also available. Only joint researches that make effective and appropriate use of these materials are accepted. 

  • You can apply at any time.

  •  No research expenses are covered.

  • In principle, no new allocation of laboratory primates will be made for the research adopted in this category. If you can use laboratory primates that have already been allocated to prospective host (corresponding) researchers at EHUB, you can apply for this category. 


For more information on research material samples at


You may have to pay the usage fee.

If you receive an allocation of laboratory primates, you will need to pay for the cost of feed. You can consult with the prospective host (corresponding) researcher at EHUB.

Also, depending on the research materials, you 

may have to pay the usage fee. For the details, see the website below.

Recruitment for FY2024

Please refer to the Application Guidelines for the Cooperative Research Program in 2024  and apply using the "Application" form (Google form) below.

The deadline for General Research is Sunday, June 2, 2024.

Applications for Resource Use are accepted throughout the year.

Before proceeding with your application, prepare aims (max. 200 words) and plan (max. 500 words) of your research. Before you apply for the Cooperative Research Program, you must fully consult with the prospective host (corresponding) researcher at EHUB 

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